I took a walk in the park this morning. It was cold, foggy, dreary and I loved it. I went to Waterloo Park with one of my friends to walk around, take pictures with my iPhone, and catch Pokemon.

I managed to snap some pretty spectacular pictures using only my iPhone 6s. I’m really impressed actually with how they turned out, even before I added a filter in Instagram. A couple of them became quite eerie after adding the filters though.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing for myself was taking photographs. Whether it be with my cell phone, a point & shoot, or my DSLR, I love taking pictures. More often than not, I love the picture I snap.

So in trying to turn my life around and start living it instead of just surviving it, I’ve decided to open a second Instagram account and get into the habit of taking more pictures. Here’s the link to that account: @aliphonography