It has been a week since my mother went into a hospice. The change I’ve seen in her, from when she was moved in to now, has been drastic. When she moved in, she was able to walk short distances with the aid of a walker and she was able to hold conversations with us. Now, after seven days, she is unable to walk at all. She can’t support herself to move into a wheel chair. Her speech is now muffled, mumbled and far from understandable. This past Friday, she didn’t even wake up from her sleep. It’s a struggle to see her fade away in front of my eyes. She becomes more thin each day; something I didn’t think could happen.

Despite this, I’ve been going to sit with her every weekday. I take my cross stitch or bible study and just be there for her. I’ll stroke her hair, kiss her forehead and whisper prayers for her.

I’m no longer praying for the miracle of a cure. I believe we are past that. Now the prayers from my family, friends and myself are for comfort, peace, and to pass quickly into God’s arms.